Wirths thesis

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Wirths thesis


Free economy has set itself the goal of achieving a stable and liberal market economy without monopoly rents by the possession of money or property on the ground or trading rights, in addition, there is full employment.

Ground rent and interest on money cause by free opinion an unjust economic and constantly reinforcing process of redistribution of wealth from the poorer to the richer ones.

As regards implementation, social justice not by prohibitions, but on the one hand by the transfer of the land in common ownership with both private use upon payment of constant use taxes to the Community, referred to as "free ", use our so-called " free money ". The ideas of the book found many followers in Germany and Austria and led to settlement projects, associations and political movements in different countries.

The free economy dissociates himself while in their opinion, both capitalism and socialism, but not of the market economy. It uses a basic structure with both private means of production as well as common property land operating systems. In " free money Initiative to ensure the purchasing power and full employment " was in Switzerland a popular initiative instead.

This initiative was rejected by the referendum Wirths thesis 15 April Was Adopted by the popular vote, however, the counter-proposal to the Federal Assembly, with Theme of the vote, however, was not the introduction of a circulation safeguard itself, but the partial abandonment of the gold standard, to ensure monetary stability.

With the collapse of the Bretton Woods system, this gold standard was later overturned. Goals and demands The main objective of the free economy is a stable, socially just market economy. In a free -sector economic system of production and consumption to be mediated by the market market economy.

Private or public companies Wirths thesis the risk and generate business with the use of capital profit-related return. The financial investment is subject to a negative interest rate, making it " secured revolving " is considered.

Thus the velocity of free money is to be increased, which were ready enough funds for investment. At the same time by means of open land reform against the power-free income arising from land ownership and systemically not be eliminated, to be paid to the general public and socialized.

Wirths thesis

The demands for reform of, especially in the s had grown up in German-speaking free economic movement are often combined with "FFF ": Free money monetary reform Main demands of the monetary policy are: Introduction of a circulating hedged currency Abolition of the gold standard Silvio Gesell called for the abolition of the hitherto most popular gold backing, because only a limited amount of gold is the circulation of money available, while an economy can grow almost unlimited.

Gold deficiency could cause deflationary conditions, gold surplus could have destabilizing inflation. In the free market theory, the fundamental problem of money is the lack of storage costs. Two approaches exist to illustrate this: The Gesellsche approach is based on the analysis of Pierre -Joseph Proudhon, which states that the owner of money against the owner or provider of goods, products, services and labor would have a decisive advantage: Thus, the owner would receive money demand a systemic advantage over the offer, which would mean that money would be sold more expensive than goods.

He defined this additional value as the " Urzins " estimated amount: Investment would not take place in his opinion, the general market interest rate would be less than three percent. Instead, it would be held as most liquid medium and used in accordance with company for speculative purposes.

From the perspective of investors would give the investment crisis, from the perspective of entrepreneurs would give the impression of scarcity of capital. Deflation and asset bubbles would experience, the consequences of such situations.

As an antidote to society offers the circulation safeguard which aims to ensure that would continue to invest the occupied negative interest money. Therefore, the circulation backup is like a tax impact on liquidity in order to control the velocity of circulation.

This should - according to free economic assumption - full employment, comparable to occur with a permanent boom, which wages rose while prices would fall in real terms.

Such "free money " does not fulfill the function of money " store of value " function.

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Field Another criticism of the free economy on the existing distribution of capital goods and resources is the private ownership of the land. It gives its owners generally a ground rent that accrues to them as powerless income, both for self- use of land as well as the lease of and rent.

After a user- economic view, the rent of land should not be sent in private control, but get the general public, because soil is a product of nature and not a created man good, and the value, and therefore the rent of land, is created only by the public.

Through land reform, the Free Economic wants to combine public ownership of the land with its private use.

Project MUSE - Plan B, Dortmund, Germany

For this purpose, it demands to convert all soil against full compensation of its previous owners into public ownership, for example, in municipal ownership.

The previous owners kept it the right to use their land against payment of a regularly recurring use tax to the public sector. Ground until then public property that is not explicitly used for public purposes, shall be awarded to the highest bidder for use.Literary Analysis of Everyday Use by Alice Walker Short Story Analysis Course Supervised by Assist.

Prof. Dr. Behbud Muhammedzade Prepared by Niwar A. Obaid December 27, Introduction Alice Walker as a novelist, poet, short story writer, activist and feminist has built a . Download PDF: Sorry, we are unable to provide the full text but you may find it at the following location(s): kaja-net.com (external link) http.

After reviews of Jost W. Kramer, Professor of Business Administration at the University of Wismar, and Dr. Stephan Märkt, Bologna consultant HRK at the University of Lüneburg, summed up the Berlin Professor Hermann Kendel, Wirths thesis would lead to " the ideas of Silvio Gesell back again in the general technical discussion.

Wirths thesis

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