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Quote 1 [on Tim Burton ] He creates this bizarre, twisted, odd, nuts kind of worlds and you can't put your finger on them. They're always kind of glorious and enduring as well. You just want to be a part of it. You can take on the problems of the makeup and use them to your advantage.

Tim roth

May 14, Birthplace: London, England, UK With lean hangdog looks that make him a natural for the criminals and fringe dwellers he usually plays, Tim Roth has the uncanny and incredibly effective ability to make sleaze look sexy, or at least raggedly photogenic. Since then, Roth has continued to portray a variety of gritty characters, occasionally making room for the odd sympathetic or lighthearted role.

Born in London on May 14,to a journalist father and landscape painter mother, Roth initially wanted to become a sculptor.

Starring opposite Gary Oldman, Roth made an impression on many a filmgoer, including Quentin Tarantino. Tarantino cast Roth as undercover policeman Mr. Orange in his ensemble piece Resevoir Dogs, a film that allowed the actor to prove he could do an American accent and bleed to death convincingly.

The success of Resevoir Dogs paved the way for more Hollywood work for Roth.

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After a disastrous third collaboration with Tarantino, the critically and commercially disemboweled Four RoomsRoth had significantly greater success portraying an ominously prissy English nobleman in Rob Roy, winning a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination for his work, along with a Golden Globe nomination and a British Academy Award.

Although the film received critical praise, it failed to make a significant impression at the box office.TIM ROTH. Inducted: June 25, in West Lafayette, IN Date of Birth: August 17, in Winamac, IN High School Attended: Winamac Community Graduated: College Attended: Indiana State University Graduated: Indiana University MS.

#michael madsen #tim roth #harvey keitel #quentin tarantino #reservoir dogs #these photos are my life rn #they had to be seen together side by side these photos . Excerpt: Tim Roth, it should come as no surprise, makes a concerted effort not to bring his work home with him.

Of course, for a guy who spent three quarters of a movie writhing in blood, whipped out a revolver and held up a diner on a whim, ruled over a planet of monkeys with an iron fist, and bitch-slapped the Hulk up and down the streets of Harlem, it’s less a personal preference and more.

Tim Roth Net Worth is $7 Million.

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Also find latest Tim Roth news on eTimes. Early life. Roth was born in Dulwich, London, the son of Ann, a painter and teacher, and Ernie, a Fleet Street journalist, painter, and member of the British Communist Party until the s..

Tim roth

His father was born in New York with the surname "Smith", but changed his surname to the German/Jewish "Roth" in the s, "partly through solidarity with the victims of the Holocaust, partly because the.

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