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Devon Permalink amway is deff not a scam. You have the workers, employees managers assistant managers boss supervisor in what ever order and everyone gets paid the different and deff the regular retail employee or what ever you do gets paid the least. Give it years of consistent. Some people it might even take longer because of their work ethics.

People retire from their jobs with this kind of business. Keep that in mind. And now in debt not all have to pay backfor that little piece of paper they went to school for. What sucks now you went to school just to pay that back off and your not even making enough to pay that back while you still have to take care of life plus in debt.

These are a fulfillment of the mind and soul and It creates an enrichment of thoughts and purpose. My problem, though, is that my wife likes Amway products. The MLM business model is designed to reward effort, persistence, confidence, open mindedness, and resilience… pretty much the very traits you need to success in any big business not self employment or small business.

What I do find skeptical are some of the products quality-wise and the actual IBOs independent business owners doing the business that may not be suited for business ownership, or who may be shady, or who are not educated on how to run a business period. If you find a solid MLM that has survived at least 10 years, is consistently growing, sits well with the Better Business and FCC, and you manage to find a well educated, established, caring and motivating sponsor….

Your success is dependent upon you. And you must learn basic entrepreneurial skills, adapt to the business and success mindset and never ever quit.

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A lot of people say Amway is a scam. Wake up and use your brains people. Amway has evolved into an amazing organization.

You can thank them for going through all the legal battles to put MLM and NM on the maps and legitimizing that type of business. Amway is not a cult.

That was a lot of teams back in the old days. Like back in the 70s. As for people in Amway seeming brainwashed; it may seem so to an average person who has been molded by society to get schooling then get a job. The mindset needed to succeed in Amway or any other MLM is diametrically opposed to the employment world.

If you were to hang out with any successful business owner, you will see that their mindset is completely different from their employees, and that they seem brainwashed too.AnNOyIng gOOgLe ( or is not affiliated with Google in term "Google" is a registered trademark of Revenge On Your Boss.

Don't suffer another "bad day at work" ever again. Is your boss or team leader making your work life a living hell? The solution is simple!

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Unfortunately, this is not the way it is. Every time you visit a site for a piece of cheese, you leave a calling card that reveals where you are coming from, what kind of computer you use, and other details.

This is annoying

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