The gap in coach skills to effectively access the factors needed to impact athletics performance

Executive Summary There is a need to develop appropriate opportunities for people with disabilities throughout their life course.

The gap in coach skills to effectively access the factors needed to impact athletics performance

TZ member and featured blogger Garry Platt presents his methodology. In many quarters there is an increasing disillusionment with the contribution and function of the training and development arm of HR departments. In some instances this antipathy is well founded with the training function delivering programmes and events with little to no heed of defined outcomes and results.

In order to be clear about what our clients needs and what we must deliver, the process must begin by focussing on the performance gap we are seeking to address. Sometimes there is no performance gap analysis and the result is frequently a pointless waste of time and money.

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This article seeks to illustrate what the major steps are in order to avoid this. If there is no performance gap the legitimacy of any development undertaken would have to be questioned. We should begin a dialogue and explore what the performance gaps are that this development should address.

The gap in coach skills to effectively access the factors needed to impact athletics performance

A performance gap is the actual or inevitable shortfall in the results or outcomes of an individual or group. If there is no performance gap or none that can be identified the legitimacy of any development undertaken would have to be questioned.

Training departments have limited and restricted resources and their energies should be strategically and deliberately wielded. In the long term this will probably mean no more paintballing, bongo drumming or fire walking. Life can be tough sometimes.

If we can clearly establish a real or firm likelihood of a performance gap and that shortfall is important and a priority for the business, we still have some questions to be answered before any development is rolled out.

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We now have to establish if we understand the reason for the performance gap. There are many potential causes; Resourcing processes, materials, procedures are just four of hundreds of potential reasons. But we should primarily be interested in only two, the absence of either knowledge or skill which leads to less than desirable results.

Somewhere along the line in some organisations this purpose has been forgotten or abandoned. Hence we get events that have no direct or indirect linkage to real world outcomes.

Instead a tenuous association is described.


Vague and none specific claims are asserted and the result can often be training and development which superficially is enjoyed by some people, deplored by others but either way results in no impacts for the organisation participating in the development.

With those kind of data to draw from suddenly the training arm of the HR department becomes a core function feeding directly into the results of the business. And it might well be that simple but blunt irrefutable logic that makes so many trainers move into areas where their usefulness and impact is next to nothing.

Linked with this article is a flowchart that I have created. If this is a step too far then print it off and have it on display in your office and follow its advice. Begin now before the next round of job cuts, redundancies or tenders commence.

Academically qualified to Masters Degree level in Education, Training and Development his work combines current research and study in Human Resource Development with a pragmatic and workable approach.

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Visit the EEF website for further details. Gary writes the Platts Puzzlings blog here on TrainingZone as well as managing the Transactional Analysis discussion group.The proposed Integrated Performance Health Management and Coaching model focuses on the operational integration of the two key departments: health and coaching to improve performance.

The two departments should ideally be line managed as autonomous units operating in complete synergy towards a common performance goal. How to design a modern business model.

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The NSHSS Foundation provides STEM scholarships for underrepresented groups in order to help reduce financial barriers for those with academic and leadership potential and the . The skills gap analysis tool allows organizations to identify weak spots of an employee and suggest improvements to meet the present and future requirements of the organization in addition to improving work performance.

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