Superior supermarket case anaylsis

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Superior supermarket case anaylsis

Strengths Superior Supermarket has the market leadership in Centralia. It ranked as number 1 or number 2 in the market shares. Moreover, it has the advantage of being very old in the city as compared to its competitors.

All the three branches have established earlier in Centralia. There is availability of everything in Superior Supermarket. Moreover, it has located at the place that is convenient to the customers.

Customers find high-quality products at the store. The stores of Superior Supermarket are a clean shop to visit for customers and have been renovated with the passage of time. Weaknesses The competitors of Superior Supermarket like Harrison, Missouri, Grand American, Superior supermarket case anaylsis many others in Centralia proceeded with low pricing strategy.

The pricing strategy thus, can affect the sales of the Superior Supermarket. Hence, it should reconsider the selling price of its commodities. Moreover, Superior Supermarket provides a limited variety of commodities at its stores. Furthermore, it spends less in its marketing and promotions than its competitors in the region.

Hence, people have less awareness of Superior Supermarket, due to weak advertisement. Superior Supermarket thus, lacks in the creation of consumer image. Opportunities As the Superior has less variety of commodities in the stores, it has the possibilities to expand its stores and get a wide range of merchandise to retail stores.

Superior Supermarket can invest capital in marketing and advertisement. Furthermore, it has a choice to sort out ways of lowering its price either partially or lowering it for the whole store.

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Threats Superior currently is operating with high pricing strategy as compared to its competitors. Hence, it has the risk of losing its customers when they will switch to competitors in order to get the same commodities to a lower price. Moreover, the sales and market share will also be affected due to decrease in consumers.

Moreover, the brand image of the Superior Supermarket is also unstable. Thus, it is also hazardous for the revenue of the Supermarket. Ansoff Matrix Ansoff matrix is use to determine the strategic moves of the products and the products market from the existing to new ones. Superior Supermarket has the possibility to penetrate into the new market.

There is the possibility to retain and increase its customers through pricing strategy. Moreover, the market development of the Superior Supermarket has many ways.

It can expand its stores to the different regions of Pennsylvania as well as the United States. Superior Supermarket has a limited category of food items.

It can expand its products to the different frozen foods, Kids food, low diet foods, and many others. Furthermore, it has also an opportunity to diversify with the product lines.

Superior supermarket case anaylsis

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SWOT Summary Superior Supermarket, with over 30 yrs of experience, is the 2nd largest market share holder (23%), among its competitors. It has 3 conveniently situated store locations in Centralia. It offers high quality . Superior Industries, Inc., is an American manufacturing company. The company’s eight divisions design, manufacture, market and sell bulk material handling conveyors, conveyor components, fuel tanks, fuel trucks, fuel trailers, petroleum equipment and precast concrete products.

Superior Clamps Inc. Case Solution,Superior Clamps Inc. Case Analysis, Superior Clamps Inc. Case Study Solution, An investor should prepare pro forma financial statements as the basis for third-party investment in his new company.

The investor has to make a number of. Superior Supermarkets (SS) must decide whether or not to pursue an everyday low pricing (ELP) strategy at its three Centralia MO locations.

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