Statement of purpose for civil engineering

My desire and the motivation behind graduation in civil engineering can be undoubtedly related to the idea of giving something to the society. The labs, the field work and the testing machines all got me interested a lot. After getting my place secured in one of the toughest courses Engineering has to offer, I focused on what I was going to do next. In reality, CE appeared to be a lot more different than what I had previously imagined.

Statement of purpose for civil engineering

I then proceeded to take up Civil Engineering as my major because it seemed to encompass all the facets of my interest.

Statement of purpose for civil engineering

Indeed, the course structure offered by the Civil Engineering department is quite outstanding and my perspective and understanding have received tremendous fillips. It was the field of Transportation Engineering that captured my interest. Transportation Engineering has invariably contributed to the development of industry and infrastructure.

Transportation Engineering has influenced the quality of every day life, determining the way we live and the way we do business. The complex interactions existing among the components of transportation system and the intricacies of the planning process for such a dynamic system have deeply fascinated me.

My grasp of the fundamental aspects of Transportation Engineering has been fortified by the courses that I have taken: I also opted for a self-study course in Transportation Project Planning and Evaluation to broaden my perspective of Transportation projects.

I have also supplemented my analytical skills with electives in Linear programming, Numerical Analysis and Probability and Statistics.

Statement of purpose for civil engineering

Here I took the task of performing a study of testing of materials procured for Roads, mix design. Also I had the opportunity to visit and learn about the surveys done. I was exposed to the various aspects of Transportation Engineering and I got the opportunity to interact with the Engineers involved with futuristic activities that inspired me.

In addition, I have worked on mini-projects while doing courses in Introduction to Civil Engineering, Introduction to Computing and Computer methods in civil engineering.

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These have given me good exposure for research work and also increased my confidence to work as a team. From the feedback that I received about my project reports and presentations have made me confident that I can articulate my ideas coherently.

My academic pursuits have not however, prevented me from participating with interest in various extracurricular activities. Apart from these I have represented my college as captain of cricket team winning the Inter NIT sports meet for our college.

The undergraduate curriculum enabled me to clear my fundamentals; so I feel the need to complete my Masters. The fast emerging global scenario in the field of Civil Engineering, and moreover the quality of education and exposure to plethora of research work in USA supplemented by my own interest, has helped me to fortify my decision to pursue graduate studies in U.

I am applying to your university because of the excellent reputation of your school. In addition, your splendid facilities are also a major attraction to me.

I hope you will grant me the privilege of pursuing my Masters Degree in your prestigious university I look forward to a long and fruitful association with University.Technology has changed the face of Civil Engineering is the last two decades.

The most visible impact of this is in the area of application of Information Technology to the traditional fields of Engineering Design and Construction. Emerging technologies and principles of E-commerce have today become 3/5(2).

Doing more with less. We have a fundamental role in meeting the environmental and societal opportunities and challenges that the world faces. | Sample SOP for Civil Engineering – This a Statement of Purpose of a student who got admitted to UTAustin for the Masters in CE program.

| Sample SOP for Civil Engineering Construction has been running in the family for the past two generations.

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Civil engineering will play a major role in changing the face of Indian Panorama. When we go for modern bridges, high rise buildings or ultra-modern condominiums; structural engineering will form the center stage of engineering development.

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE Author. Costain helps to improve people’s lives through smart infrastructure solutions to meet urgent national needs across the UK’s energy, water and transportation infrastructures.

At HBPW we appreciate that all our clients have unique and complex needs, and we always seek to add real value to our relationships via a blend of professional civil and structural engineering skills, effective communication and a far-reaching commitment to customer service.

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