Simple past tense writing activities

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Simple past tense writing activities

Balancing the need to teach proper use of the past simple tense with the need for fun and challenging activities in the classroom can often seem like a chore.

Different teachers take different approaches to this challenger. Some simply drill their students on tense until the students can successfully produce every form of a given verb - as was the practice for decades - while others take a more modern approach, and try to mix it up in the classroom with a hodgepodge of games, reading, speaking, and other exercises.

Our 1, past simple tense worksheets are guaranteed to keep your students talking, creating sentences, and working together to help each other learn the rules of how an English verb is used in the past simple tense.

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Some of our past simple tense worksheets are just simple verb lists and grammar exercises - all complete with pronunciation guides and usage examples, of course. Other worksheets help you bring writing or speaking exercises into the classroom, and encourage students to use the past simple tense to talk about their own lives.

And still others lay out the rules for board games, so your students can play and learn at the same time. One handy feature of BusyTeacher.

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This is a handy time-saver, as it can give you a general idea of what each worksheet looks like without requiring you to even leave this page.

How can you be sure these worksheets will work for you?

simple past tense writing activities

So scroll down, check out our worksheets, and find out what benefits BusyTeacher.Simple Past (Past Simple), short explanation and exercises. Resources for Teaching the Simple Past Tense Home → Teaching Resources → Advice for Teaching Abroad → Resources for Teaching the Simple Past Tense This installment in our Grammar Tense series helps you master the Simple Past Tense so you can legitimately dwell in the past.

Seven Simple Activities for Teaching the Simple Past

A past tense (abbreviated pst) is a grammatical tense that places an action or situation in the past of the current moment (in an absolute tense system), or prior to some other event, whether that is past, present, or future (in a relative tense system)/5(10).

Grammar Exercises - Simple Past Tense. Do the exercises below on the simple past tense and click on the button to check your answers. (Before doing the exercises you may want to read the lesson on the simple past tense).

How to Teach the Past Simple Tense – Verb to Be

past tense of irregular verbs. Although there are just irregular verbs in English, the most commonly used verbs are all irregular. In fact, seven out of ten times we use a verb, it is an irregular one. ESL Past Simple Wh Questions Activity - Writing, Listening and Speaking - Low intermediate - 30 minutes Here is a past simple questions worksheet activity to help higher-level students ask questions and talk about past events.

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