Pie chart how many functions teenagers spend their money

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Pie chart how many functions teenagers spend their money

As social media, entertainment, search, and shopping take up larger portions of our time, how much time are we spending on actual communication? Unfortunately, what research is available and accessible is a bit dated, and no study agrees with the next!

For instance, one study by Informate Jan. This takes up a total of 26 minutes and 21 minutes, respectively. If only other studies shared the same results!

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Informate A study by Nielsen shows we spend an average of 5. This would mean we spend, on average, about 55 minutes a day texting, 55 minutes a day on phone calls, and 25 minutes a day on mobile email.

Maybe we do actually use our phones for communication! Behaviors can and do change, but there might be a better reason for all these differences.

You might use WhatsApp — or any number of similar options — to text or to call. You might use Snapchat to message, send pictures, and scroll through a feed. As you might imagine, younger adults spend more time on apps than older adults.

Mobile phones have solidified themselves in everyday American culture. Since Apple sparked a smartphone revolution inmobile devices have gone from cool and trendy to staples of how we interact with the world. And our behaviors have mostly moved from compulsion to practical application.

Pie chart how many functions teenagers spend their money

The 1 alarm clock is a phone. Most people check email and social media on their phones, and we all use them to communicate with friends, family, and colleagues.

Pie chart how many functions teenagers spend their money

The amount of time people spend on their mobile phones is less representative of addictive behavior today, and more representative of a massive cultural shift. One interpretation of this data is that our lives are merely more technologically integrated.

And, as with any change, this brings its own set of challenges. How will we handle them?


Only time will tell! What does this mean for businesses? The time people spend on their mobile phones means about the same for businesses as it does for everyone else. More people prefer social media and mobile messaging over calls and emails.

Times have changed, and the businesses who change with it are the ones who will succeed. Mobile phones have become very practical, highly functional devices, and our usage reflects their application. People have been adapting to advancements in mobile technology en masse, and businesses who follow suit will be able to thrive in this mobile-first era.

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Research shows that banks have been slow to embrace the cloud, but maybe the reasons behind their reluctance don't apply any more.

How Much Time Do People Spend on Their Mobile Phones in ?