Open and closed source systems essay

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Open and closed source systems essay

Open-source software may be seen as the opposite of proprietary software in which the end product is binary only. The idea of open source is not a new one. Scientists across all major disciplines publish their insights in the public domain, climbing upon the shoulders of others and enabling others to climb upon theirs" Firmage, The idea began to populate more rapidly though, with the rise of Linux, beginning in Gonzalez-Barahona, Today, the use of open-source software is widespread.

In fact, much of the Internet relies on open-source software. Given this background into the idea of open source and its related software, this paper intends to highlight some of the advantages to developing open source software and the advantages for a business to consider using it.

As a software developer, there are some advantages to developing software in an open source format as opposed to a proprietary, closed source format. First, the ability to view, modify and contribute to currently available open source software is a major advantage.

It also makes it possible to port the code to new hardware, to adapt it to changing conditions, and to reach a detailed understanding of how the system works" Gonzalez-Barahona, Secondly, the ability for source code being developed to be audited for bugs, security holes, and inefficiencies by anyone with access to the code may also be seen as a major advantage.

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The idea of "two heads being better than one" certainly applies here. A third advantage, one that ties into software being audited, is the constant public scrutiny of proposed changes to the software. With so many different points of view and perspectives, creative changes and additions to the software may be discussed before being put into place.

Lastly, as a developer of open source software, authors retain their copyright. This gives developers the freedom of deciding how the software may or may not be used Szakal, Businesses, likewise, have several reasons to consider using open source software. Open-source software is peer-reviewed software; it is more reliable than closed, proprietary software.

Mature open-source code is as bulletproof as software ever gets" OSI, The idea is a simple one - software that has been developed that can be scrutinized, audited, and contributed by many different people, will become more and more reliable over time.

Additionally, using open-source software does not require licensing fees or royalties.

Open and closed source systems essay

This makes keeping track of licensing issues a virtual non-issue Szakal, Security is another bullet-point that open-source software claims as an advantage.

Many security bugs that are overlooked in other operating systems have been caught and repaired in Linux, because of its extensive peer-review process" Perens, Finally, the advantage of cost is a major reason business may gain from open-source software.

How can a business go wrong when looking at free software to help run the business? There are a multitude of great examples of software that currently exist that businesses may and are using. For example, Apache is the most widely deployedRead this essay on Open and Closed Source Systems.

Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. Only at". An operating system is a considered a set of programs that schedule tasks, assign storage and presenting an interface to the user.

There are many operating. open system A physical system that interacts with other systems. The physical description of an open system can appear to violate conservation laws; for example, in a good description of the mechanism of energy transfer in a car engine (gears, driveshaft, and so on), energy will appear to be lost from the system over time, despite the law of.

Open/Closed Source Systems Essay Sample

Hanno F. Kaiser, a U.S. and EU antitrust lawyer and partner with Latham & Watkins LLP, has just released an important essay on a topic I have devoted much time to here over the years: the debate over the relative advantages of “open” vs.

“closed” technological systems and the Lessig-Zittrain-Wu school of thinking about these issues. There are four basic types of ground loop systems. Three of these -- horizontal, vertical, and pond/lake -- are closed-loop systems.

The fourth type of system is the open-loop option. 1. Why are mobile systems important? Your response should be at least words in length.

2. Discuss the differences between open and closed source programs.

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