Managerial counselling case studies

Even in highly automated plants with their smaller number of workers, decrements in their health and well-being will sooner or later be reflected in impaired productivity or, sometimes, even in disasters.

Managerial counselling case studies

A supervisor acts in a mentoring role, providing emotional support as well as information and guidance. Counsellors working within Managerial counselling case studies agencies will hopefully have supervision sessions built into their work schedules, but it may be overlooked by those working in other organisations or in private practice.

Geldard and Geldard in their book Basic Personal Counselling state that all counsellors need supervision to help them resolve their own issues and to avoid burnout in what is an emotionally draining occupation.

Supervision is perhaps the most important component in the development of a competent practitioner. It is within the context of supervision that trainees begin to develop a sense of their professional identity and to examine their own beliefs and attitude regarding clients and therapy.

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As in all professions the counsellor needs to be constantly upgrading their knowledge and skills: If we neglect to pursue this continuing learning process we are short changing our clients. It provides an opportunity to learn and practise new skills and to find better ways to help clients.

Debriefing is also an important element of the supervisory relationship, enabling the counsellor to look objectively at the issues raised in the counselling session and their response to them. Due to the sensitive content of many client issues it is easy for a counsellor to become over-involved and for professional boundaries to become blurred; a supervisor will quickly spot this tendency and can intercede to stop it becoming problematic.

Counsellors will be challenged by many ethical dilemmas along the way and the correct path is not always clearly marked; discussing these issues with a supervisor will ensure that professional ethical standards are maintained.

A supervisor who is looking on will notice symptoms of undue stress which could lead to burnout.

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Burnout is an ever present danger, particularly for beginning counsellors and those working in agencies with large caseloads. A supervisor can help the counsellor put prevention strategies in place.

Managerial counselling case studies

There are several different models of supervision which fall into three main groups: It is important to note that the first two models require client consent; the third can be done without disclosing client details. Direct observation of the session by the supervisor can occur in three ways: Both counsellor and client may be nervous with a third party present, also the client may choose to withhold some information or details which otherwise may have been presented.

These variables will impact on the effectiveness of the counselling relationship to a greater or lesser extent. Session recording may be video or audio which may pose some of the same problems, but possibly to a lesser extent as the participants may find it easier to forget the observer if they are not visible.

If using video or audio taped sessions for supervision it is recommended that the supervisor make the time to study them prior to the supervisory session in order to maximise their usefulness.

An alternative approach would be for the counsellor to present specific parts of the recording which they want to deal with but this does introduce an element of subjectivity. Recording the session will also no doubt affect it in some way but the counsellor can help minimise this by themselves being relaxed about the process.

Video recordings obviously provide more information as the non-verbal cues are clear, but they also are likely to make the participants more nervous than an audio recording which is less intrusive.

Managerial counselling case studies

Self reporting by the counsellor is a much-used method, due to its convenience; it does suffer, however, from its subjectivity which may lead to inaccuracies: On the other hand the resulting dialogue between supervisor and counsellor may bring about greater awareness and understanding for both parties.

Some supervisors believe that they cannot adequately work with the counsellor without either an audio or video recording of the session; others, however, consider that the self-report model offers them a better opportunity to understand the way the counsellor is working.

The supervision model used will be a matter of choice and agreement between the supervisor and supervisee. One aspect of the supervisory relationship which is extremely important and sometimes difficult to deal with is the issue of client confidentiality and informed consent.

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