How to write a news report igcse centre

To identify the effects of agro-industrialization and changes in international production and consumption on the physical environment. Farmer Jimmy Doherty explores the global logistics that bring these crops to a shop near you.

How to write a news report igcse centre

Social Studies including CitizenshipGeographyHistoryEconomicsSociologyTourism and sometimes elements of law, politics and PHSE Most schools also offer drama studiesmusic and physical education but these are usually not examined or marked. Home economics is sometimes taught to female students, whereas topics related to astronomyenvironmental management and psychology are frequently included in textbooks of general science.

Sometimes archaeology and anthropology are extensively taught in textbooks of social studies. SRE is not taught at most schools in Pakistan although this trend is being rebuked by some urban schools. Provincial and regional languages such as PunjabiSindhiPashto and others may be taught in their respective provinces, particularly in language-medium schools.

Some institutes give instruction in foreign languages such as TurkishArabicPersianFrench and Chinese. The language of instruction depends on the nature of the institution itself, whether it is an English-medium school or an Urdu-medium school.

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As ofPakistan faces a net primary school attendance rate for both sexes of 66 percent: As of [update]public expenditure on education was 2.

In addition, the allocation of government funds is skewed towards higher education, allowing the upper income class to reap the majority of the benefits of public subsidy on education.

Lower education institutions such as primary schools suffer under such conditions as the lower income classes are unable to enjoy subsidies and quality education. As a result, Pakistan has one of the lowest rates of literacy in the world and the lowest among countries of comparative resources and socio-economic situations.

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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. June Learn how and when to remove this template message Secondary education in Pakistan begins from grade 9 and lasts for four years. After end of each of the school years, students are required to pass a national examination administered by a regional Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education or BISE.

Upon completion of grade 9, students are expected to take a standardised test in each of the first parts of their academic subjects. They again give these tests of the second parts of the same courses at the end of grade This is locally termed a ' matriculation certificate ' or 'matric' for short.

The curriculum usually includes a combination of eight courses including electives such as Biology, Chemistry, Computer and Physics as well as compulsory subjects such as Mathematics, English, Urdu, Islamic studies and Pakistan Studies.

Students then enter an intermediate college and complete grades 11 and Upon completion of each of the two grades, they again take standardised tests in their academic subjects.

There are many streams students can choose for their 11 and 12 grades, such as pre-medical, pre-engineering, humanities or social sciencescomputer science and commerce.

Each stream consists of three electives and as well as three compulsory subjects of English, Urdu, Islamiat grade 11 only and Pakistan Studies grade 12 only.A report usually tells the reader about an event that has taken place.

The writer may analyse or observe these events/situations. Reports are always written for a . We look for evidence of your motivation and commitment, alongside aptitude and potential.

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It’s important that you have a good understanding of maths, communication and IT, along with knowledge and interest in the subject area you're applying to. Objective: To describe a little heard of, though significant major pollution event, affecting more than one country and analyse the consequences of and responses to this event.

how to write a news report igcse centre

Useful resources to get your started. a. Watch the NBC news report to below, right b. Get a quick overview here and watch the Planet YouTube video below. d. Play with the "Eastern Garbage Patch" interactive graphic. Report writing & Factual Description Report Writing A report can be written for a news paper or a magazine.

In a report an event, which can be a planned one, an . Welcome to Myanmar Study Abroad (MSA) This website provides information about scholarships, universities, and recommended courses for students from Myanmar (Burma) who aspire to study at a university abroad.

Three lessons teaching the writing forms that appear to be less popular but could still appear on the IGCSE English Language Paper for the directed writing task. It's not perfect but took a long time to put together from lots of different resources/5(21).

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