Essay on enhancing my career through graduate studies

Job analysis requires writing the job description, choosing the right applicant and do career planning as well. These are considered as critical amongst all activities. This kind of training can turn weak employees into competent employees and the existing competent employees to indispensable ones.

Essay on enhancing my career through graduate studies

Essay on enhancing my career through graduate studies

Did your graduate degree enhance your communication skills? I had excellent faculty who insisted on conceptual clarity, consistency and logic in verbal and written expression.

I was all over the place, at times, as my enthusiasm outstripped my ability to structure and convey a clear cognitive analysis and argument. It took repetitive effort and the Graduate School gave me the time and space to do that. It has definitely made me the preferred candidate in many positions that I applied for.

So it gave me competitive edge and it also helped to keep me stay focused and disciplined. For instance, I did a lot of work with international development—often working in multi-disciplinary teams on overseas assignments.

Even though I had my own technical skill-base in education, what I also had, that others often lacked, was the ability to translate, clarify, organize and produce synthesized documents that the team could all agree to and sign off on.

Do companies have higher expectations of graduate students to have better written and verbal communication skills?

Yes, and graduate students should have. The world has only grown more interconnected and complex during my lifetime. The tools and technology for communication are outstripping the human communication skills.

As businesses continue to become increasingly global and sensitive to context and culture, realize that they need people who can lead, who can work in teams, who can think, analyze, write and persuade through reason.

These are not necessarily the skills learned in most disciplines—at least not in a contemporary sense. I suppose if I had my way, anyone headed for advanced study would need to at least minor in communication.

How important is enhancing communication skills for graduate students? It is very important. I think of communication skills broadly—not just the ability to structure a good sentence, although that is important too.

Essay on enhancing my career through graduate studies

But in general, it is the demonstrated ability to work well in teams with all types of people, to listen, to be a life-long learner, to think clearly and logically, to be able to structure expressions that are suitable to the occasion both verbally and in writing.

Too much of the advanced degree work of necessity is inward looking — narrow and deep. Professionals are socialized within their specialties and that includes the communication training.

It needs to be broader and more comprehensive. Any advice for current graduate students? Future outlook for graduate students and graduate studies? Develop yourselves as fully as possible and that means honing your communication and professional skills-set as well as your technical knowledge.

Often this means putting yourselves in situations where you are not comfortable or where you do not feel as confident as you do in your specialty. Our world has many challenges and it will be your job to help us find the new frontiers and keep us curious, humane, creative, innovative and committed to discovery.

You can do that better with a foundation of strong verbal, written and interactive communication.But as a research topic for my thesis I will employ the financial aspects of motivation used by the agents of organisation in enhancing their employee’s performance and the extent to which non-financial aspects of motivation turn to enhance employee’s.

Preparing for the Future: Developing an Adaptive Army in a Time of Peace, A Monograph. by. MAJ Scott C.

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Overview. To earn the Ed. D. in Educational Leadership, learning associates are required to complete a foundations core curriculum of 12 hours, research/dissertation core of 21 hours, specialization core of 12 hours, and cognate core of 15 hours of cognate curriculum for a total of 60 semester hours.

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