Essay figure skating

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Essay figure skating

See Article History Ice skating, the recreation and sport of gliding across an ice surface on blades fixed to the bottoms of shoes skates.

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The activity of ice skating has given rise to two distinctive sports: Ice hockey is the best-known team sport that involves skating. Ice skating probably developed in Scandinavia as early as bce, the first skates being made from shank or rib bones of elk, oxen, reindeer, and other animals.

It is not known when the metal runner was introduced, but early Dutch prints depict skates with metal blades. Until the middle of the 19th century the metal portion of the skate was fastened to a wooden base or footplate and the whole of the skate was fastened to the foot with leather thongs or straps.

A major improvement came from the United States in when E. Bushnell of Philadelphia introduced the all-steel skate, which replaced the cumbersome wooden footplate.

The contemporary figure skatewhich is the type best suited for general pleasure skating as well as for figure skating, is easily distinguished from other skates by the toe pick at the front of its blade.

The blade itself is about 4 mm about 0. A hollow ridge along the blade emphasizes its two sharpened outer edges; these are the surfaces on which skating movements are made.

The blade is approximately the same length as the boot or shoe to which it is attached. The boot, which is usually black for men and white for women, has a strong, reinforced arch support and a stiffening material around the heel and under the arch.

The speed skate is low-cut, allowing for freer movement of the ankle. Its blade is much longer than the shoe usually between 42 and 46 cm [ The hockey skate is a hard, protective boot with a short blade that is curved at the ends to allow for quick turns.

As a recreation skating has been continuously practiced on the canals of the Netherlands since the Middle Ages by both males and females.

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Skating on the frozen ponds and fens was popular in England in the 17th century, and the first skating club was formed in Edinburgh, Scotland, in In the s British servicemen introduced ice skating to North America.

It was also popular at the French court about ; Marie-Antoinette was among the skaters. Napoleon Bonaparte skated at Auxerre in The development of refrigerated ice rinks started the transformation of ice skating from a seasonal pastime to a major sport and entertainment. The first rink with artificially frozen ice, a private one, the Glaciarium, was opened in London in Title: Figure skating General Purpose: To inform my audience about figure skating.

Specific Purpose: To teach audience the fundamental parts of figure skating Central Idea: In order to do all fantastic figure skating perform, you have to learn the most basic parts of figure skating: to lace skates, fall and get up on skates, skate forward on ice.

Shumway Ave. Faribault, MN Contact Us Directions Campus Map Directions Campus Map. Essay on The Math in Figure Skating ´╗┐MATH AND FIGURE SKATING Alexis Dillon I. Introduction This paper will be discussing the involvement of math in figure skating.

There are three parts of skating that will be discussed in the essay; jumps and moves in the field. Jumps require a lot of power, strength and knee bend in order for the jump to. Free Essays on Figure Skating. Search. LITE Ice skating is a sport in which people slide over a smooth ice surface on steel-bladed skates.

Millions of people skate in those parts of the world where the winters are cold enough. During this time of uncertainty, turmoil and waiting for the next sex scandal to break, many people will be focusing their attention to Nagano, Japan, where athletes have gathered for the Winter Olympics.

Since most of us have Southern backgrounds, the Winter Olympics are entertaining to us because 3/5(2). 1 U.S. Figure Skating RISE Youth Essay Contest Supported by the U.S.

Figure Skating Memorial Fund In , a tragedy shook the sporting world. Sabena Flight , carrying the U.S. Figure Skating World Team to.

Essay figure skating
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