Effects of cartoon on children

Ruebert Saturnine III presents a lengthy case study on the adverse effects of cartoons on children.

Effects of cartoon on children

StumbleUpon What do the kids love to watch on T. Undoubtedly cartoons and cartoons are great source of fun and entertainment for children.

Children are fond of cartoons as because of many reasons. As they found human in cartoon form with cute or weird shape and dress with colorful attire. Child at 3 to 9 years age usually starts to watch cartoons. But At this age kids have growing mind and with curiosity and fast learning capability by observing things.

Better to lead children to watch cartoon having positive effect. Why do children love to watch cartoons: Children have a mind which is full of curiosity and always finding something to learn.

IN reality they usually spend time in home, school and in some cases with baby sitter. And while at home they watch Television, always prefer to watch cartoons because here kids found all the funny and entertaining stuff.

Watching a cartoon show or movie is considered as imaginary world by children, which is full of entertainment. However, the cartoons are only imaginary animated character but a kid does not have enough mature mind to understand that. And watching cartoon consistently placed an effect on their mind and definitely affects their behavior.

Doctors and psychological experts always suggest parents to allow kids to watch cartoons. Some of positive effects are given below which will definitely make a kid better person and intelligent. Helpful in exploring and observing: Of course cartoon characters are fictional and exactly their lives and actions are not exists in real but apart from that, the message and intention hidden behind every cartoon character is based on reality and facts of life.

And no one can deny that kids can learn a lot from cartoons.

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The curiosity and excitement of observing everything is cartoon character and episodes let a kid to observe new things and surroundings. This is how kids can explore real world via imaginary world. At least cartoon might help them to spark up the curiosity of knowing all aspects of real life.

Effects of cartoon on children

Making kid an active and genius: Many cartoon characters are students and own decent personality as idol daughter or son. He is scientist and always seeks to discover new inventions.

Helpful in maintain good health: First thing is cartoon make us laugh by activities and doing creepy things this is the reason why kids love to watch cartoons. Yes, this is so true; various cartoon characters have good physique and are fitness freak as well.

Like, Popeye the sailor man, he is the famous cartoon character who belongs to spinach as source of power and energy. It is interesting to know that kids who did not eat spinach have changed their taste and now love to eat green vegetables.Violence Children are more advanced than their parents!

Once we loved watching Tom and Jerry, but our children are crazy about cartoons and video games that are based on violence. This is one of the serious effects of cartoons on kids. Remember that children will never develop a habit of their own.


Beside the positive aspects of cartoons that you had the opportunity to read about in our blog last Friday, there are also some negative effects of such shows on children that parents should be aware of before letting their children watch them.

Positive effect of cartoons on children’s mind The cartoon’s voice, dress, activity and many more tend a kid to be fallen in love with cartoon character.

Watching a cartoon show or movie is considered as imaginary world by children, which is full of entertainment. Positive Effects of Cartoons on Children Children’s Literacy and Learning Cartoons are being identified as a possible tool that may be employed to promote child literacy. Cartoons have changed drastically over the years but have their lasting effects on children.

Typically, children begin watching cartoons on television at an early age of six months, and by the age of two or three children become enthusiastic viewers. Effects of cartoons on children INtroDucTioN:Cartoons have been a staple of childhood development since the early 20th century.

Two thirds of infants and toddlers watch an average of two hours of television a day, according to a recent study.

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