Contoh essay narrative text

Pengertian Narrative Text dan contohnya Sebelum membahas tentang tujuan dan ciri-ciri narrative text dan contohnya, mari kita pahami dulu apa itu pengertian narrative text. Jika merujuk pada wikipedia, maka yang dimaksud dengan narrative text adalah: Atau jika diterjemahkan, maka yang dimaksud dengan Narrative text adalah jenis genre yang rangkaian peristiwa atau ceritanya dari waktu ke waktu dan dijabarkan dengan urutan awal, tengah dan akhir. Jadi harus kronologis, maksudnya kronologis itu diceritakan secara runtut dan tidak boleh loncat-loncat.

Contoh essay narrative text

Chandra received a business degree from a well-known University in and took a job with a large company. His career got off to a good start.

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Byhis salary was IDR Chandra was not happy with career progress, however. Although his salary was satisfactory, his level of responsibility was only slightly greater than it had been during his first year or two in the company.

He had been stuck in a Contoh essay narrative text job at the home office for more then 10 years and felt that he would like a change. He requested a transfer to a line marketing job.

Chandra was told that he was too valuable in his current job tobe transferred. He was overpaid for a lower-level line position, and too inexperienced to be promoted to a middle or upper level line position.

Why was Chandra unhappy? He had an idea. He saw a crocodile swimming in the river. The rabbit asked the crocodile, "How many crocodiles are in the river? Later I will know how kind all of you are", rabbit said.

Contoh essay narrative text

Then crocodile called all his friend and asked them to make a line in order from one side to the other side of the river. Then the rabbit started to count while jumping from one crocodile to another crocodile: We know from the first paragraph that the rabbit actually wanted: They were shocked to find a lot of aedes mosquitoes breeding in cemeteries.

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The official found a lot of pots, bottles and vases holding flowers at the graves left there by people visiting the graves of their relatives. These container had eventually accumulated rain water and they soon become breeding grounds for these mosquitoes.

Those living near cemeteries also became victims of dengue fever. Sadly it was the death of a caretaker of a cemeteries that promoted the officials to investigate the surroundings near his house. This has led to the discovery of cemeteries as a breeding ground for aedes mosquitoes. Since this discovery, the Health Department has appealed to the caretakers and the different associations in charge of graveyards to clear all containers left at graves as quickly as possible.

The number of dengue case notified was highest among the chinese, followed by the Malays, Indians, and others. All these cases had been mainly from the city areas. The Health Department is continually strengthening dengues prevention and control by holding talks, shows, fogging housing estates, and conducting checks at homes.

The main information of the text was about: To prevent aedes mosquitoes from breedin in cemeteries, the government does not allow: Chines, Malays, and Indians to go to cemeteries C.Contoh Soal Narrative Text Untuk SMP, SMA, dan Kunci Jawaban – Mau belajar narrative text? Anda bisa menggunakan berbagai jenis contoh soal narrative text berikut ini.

🙂 Choose the right answer! 1. What is the communicative function of narrative text? a. To entertain the readers b. To explain about something c. To argue about something d. Dear Readers, – Bacaan hari ini masih tentang latihan soal yang digunakan sebagai indikator atas kemampuan kalian menguasai sebuah materi khususnya Bahasa Inggris..

Materi soal hari ini adalah tentang Narrative Text, Simak Video di bawah ini sebagai angin segar, sebelum kalian menjawab soal-soal yang ada pada bacaan ini. Contoh soal essay narrative text smp. My childhood essay writing essay on rainwater harvesting project marriages in pride and prejudice analysis essay dessay natalie illness from mold whale rider movie essay a my college essay is words in a hurry.

Natural causes of global warming essays. E. Contoh Narrative Text dan Penjelasannya. Contoh 1: Cinderella. Once upon a time, there was a beautiful young girl named Cinderella.

He lived with his step mother and two sisters. They were arrogant and bad tempered. They treated Cinderella very badly. Contoh dan Soal Narrative Text Beserta Jawaban – Berikut, terdapat berbagai contoh soal yang bisa Anda gunakan sebagai latihan soal narrative text.

Selamat mencoba. Snow White. Once upon a time there lived a little girl named Snow White. She lived with her aunt and uncle because her parents were dead.

Contoh essay narrative text

contoh soal narrative text Chandra received a business degree from a well-known University in and took a job with a large company. His career got off to a good start.

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