Communist legacies eastern europe

Yet, interestingly, these studies have not reached a consensus on what they seek to explain. Indeed, some of the main questions remain under contention. First, is labor in post-communist societies weak, or in at least some countries strong? What should the referent be in determining strength or weakness?

Communist legacies eastern europe

List of Maps and Illustrations ix Prologue.

Communist legacies eastern europe

The Mysterious Major Frank Thompson 3 2. A Communist by Any Other Name. The Brothers Lagadinov 34 5. A Failed Petition 41 6. Ambushed in Batuliya 57 8. Guerillas in the Mist 63 9.

The Development of Social Movements in Central and Eastern Europe, 1st Edition

Everyday Life as a Partisan 69 Blood of a Poet 84 The Head Hunted 90 The Remains of the Regime The Retired Partisan History Is Written by the Victors On Censorship and the Secret Police The Politics of Truth Cassandra's Curse The Red Samaritan The Past Is a Foreign Country A Moment of Redemption Conclusion.

History looks very different if you fought for national liberation and human progress under the banner of Communism It should provoke other fearless ones to collaborate in solving the major mysteries of our Communist legacies eastern europe It is told with astute historical accuracy and striking intimacy concerning the personal stories of Bulgarian communist activists, as well as ordinary people whose lives were indelibly marked by the rise and demise of communism.

Kristen Ghodsee has written an eyeopening and entertaining story of how Communism came to Bulgaria and how the average citizen suffered when socialism was replaced by the free market economy.

She leaves aside broader political and diplomatic history and concentrates on personal stories. In this way she makes interesting contributions to the existing academic studies regarding the resistance movement in Bulgaria and the period of communist rule.

It is well suited to be used as an accompaniment to other scholarly works on the region, as a source of inspiration for graduate students and researchers, as well as lay historians, in their quest for new questions to be investigated.

The book does not romanticize the Communist regime. It reads less like a traditional history book and more like a captivating piece of fiction. She offers portraits of people for whom communism was a living ideology, a belief system that compelled self-sacrifice and nobility, and she does this by looking at their actions rather than criticizing or deconstructing their beliefs.

A Portrait "The marvel of this beautifully written book is to address a complex set of historical questions in intimate and personal terms.

It's stunning as ethnography, but also part memoir—an account of Kristen Ghodsee's quest to satisfy her curiosity about the fate of Frank Thompson, a British partisan killed fighting the Nazis in Bulgaria in The story she ends up telling is much larger: It's a small story with vivid characters and a very large resonance.

Best of all, it's a gripping and compelling read.

Communist legacies eastern europe

Scott, Institute for Advanced Study Permission to Photocopy coursepacks If you are requesting permission to photocopy material for classroom use, please contact the Copyright Clearance Center at copyright.Communism's Shadow instead turns the focus to the individuals who inhabit post-communist countries, presenting a rigorous assessment of the legacy of communism on political attitudes.

Post-communist citizens hold political, economic, and social opinions that . Institutional Legacies Another way that communist era legacies could affect political values and behavior in post-communist countries would be if there are distinctive institutional legacies of communism, and if these institutions have a subsequent effect on political values and .

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The historical experiences of state socialism in twentieth-century Eastern Europe have been vilified by the conservative right and largely rejected or ignored by the progressive, new left.

Especially in the United States — with its long legacy of anticommunist hysteria — scholars and activists are hesitant to embark on critical reevaluations of the state-socialist past for fear of being. THE "DEBUNKING ANTI-COMMUNISM" MASTERPOST.

IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT THE "ATROCITIES" OF SOCIALISM, CHECK HERE FIRST! Almost daily, this forum rehashes decades-old chestnuts about communist history, ranging from cold war tales of poverty and famine, to ludicrous myths about alleged genocides. Countries of Eastern Europe and of the post-Soviet Eurasia, with their highly diverse historical backgrounds, are a fruitful empirical laboratory for studying these long-term historical effects, both associated with the Communist and the pre-Communist past.

Europe has long been a region of stability and prosperity; its citizens are among the healthiest, wealthiest, and safest in the world. Globally, 15 of the top 20 countries are European: Norway (second) leads Western Europe, while Slovenia (20th) is the most prosperous country in Eastern Europe.

Historical Legacies of Communism in Russia and Eastern Europe : Mark R. Beissinger :