Business report about business trip expenses

By AllBusiness Editors In: For the business traveler, reporting travel expenses is a necessary but sometimes unpleasant aspect of business travel. And this can be problematic since organization is essential for tracking, logging and submitting expenses and getting reimbursed in a timely manner. Collect a Paper Trail Receipts are the paper trail of your business trip.

Business report about business trip expenses

Prior to departure, a cost comparison of driving personal vehicle versus motor pool or rental car should be done taking into consideration wear and tear on personal vehicle.

Generally, MSU travelers should use transportation providers that are easily identifiable through web app photos of automobile, driver, and car license, or that have the company name conspicuously displayed on their vehicle.

When on display, the following should be easily seen: When securing any ride service, travelers are reminded to be vigilant about safety. Personal Car Mileage is reimbursed from the main place of business to the destination unless driving from home is closer to the destination.

Travel from home to point of employment is considered commuting and is not reimbursable. Renting, which results in a flat fee with unlimited mileage, can be a very cost effective method of transportation, especially with MSU discounted rates and insurance inclusions.

Expenses for gasoline, repairs, towing, etc.

business report about business trip expenses

Expenses for parking, storage, tolls and ferries are separately reimbursable. Rental Vehicles Policies Rental cars may be necessary to conduct university business; therefore, the business purpose for use of a rental car must be clearly documented. Rental cars should be standard size or smaller class when available.

Exceptions must be clearly documented. When renting outside of the U. Travelers may purchase fuel service options as long as the traveler is charged for gallons used and not for a full tank. Travelers should fill the rental car themselves and submit receipts for reimbursement.

Travel must be at the lowest, logical considering cost and time available airfare which is defined as coach and economy class. When travel is by rail, the fare may not exceed the lowest available airfare and most direct, expeditious route.

University travelers are expected to purchase the lowest airfare on departures from Lansing, Detroit, Flint, and Grand Rapids or any major commercial airport within miles of their main place of business. Optimum pricing of airfare is typically offered 14— days prior to departure; therefore, MSU travelers should purchase airfare within this purchase guideline.

Changes to flight reservations while in route, which do not require airfare changes, may be made directly with the participating airline.

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When a trip is canceled, the Preferred Travel Agency who booked the trip should be notified immediately for possible refund or to track the unused ticket for future use.

Such fees are reimbursable. Upgrades, including business class, on domestic flights, require MSU business travelers to demonstrate a documented medical reason for an exception to be granted.

This separate, written justification must be approved prior to booking and attached to the appropriate eDoc. Airfare costs in excess of the lowest logical available commercial restricted airfare such as business class may be selected for continuing flights exceeding five 5 hours of flight time to destinations outside the contiguous United States.

The traveler must demonstrate a documented business or medical reason for an exception to be granted. In either case, approval must come from one of the following: This may not be delegated. Travelers may travel on weekends, utilizing excursion fares, if the cost savings for the fare exceeds the additional lodging and per diem costs.

This must be documented on the Travel Expense Report.

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Travelers must compare airfare costs when choosing to travel from a location more than miles from their point of employment. Based upon these airfare quotes, the traveler would be reimbursed the lower of the two airfares.

Traveler is temporarily stationed away from main place of business. University travelers are permitted to collect and retain frequent flyer miles.

Travelers are encouraged to use frequent flyer miles for business purposes or upgrades on international flights. However, MSU business travelers may not choose flights for the sole purpose of collecting frequent flyer miles. If MSU business travelers use frequent flyer miles to purchase a ticket, they will only be reimbursed the out of pocket costs or associated costs of having airline tickets issued.

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Charter Air Service Charter air service may be authorized when it reduces travel costs and travel time. Reimbursement for private qualified aircraft travel will be made on the basis of personal car mileage or commercial airfare; whichever is less.Employees may charge most of the expenses they incur on a business trip to the company credit card.

For reimbursement of incidentals such as tips and fast food, employees will need to fill out an expense report when they return from their trip. A Travel Expense Report is an organized way for businesses and their employees to track and report their expenses for business-related trips.

The expense report is usually a printed form or a spreadsheet that is filled out and kept for accounting and tax purposes. business trip expense report Related For 6+ business trip expense report template. 3+ business report table of content.

9+ microsoft word business report t. 7+ professional business report tem professional business report kaja-net.comss-report . Travel and expense (T&E) spending is the third-largest controllable business expense after salaries and data-processing costs.

business report about business trip expenses

For the business traveler, reporting travel expenses is a necessary but sometimes unpleasant aspect of business travel. A Guide to Business Travel Expenses This entry was posted in Travel on July 30, Written by John Sturm.

When you travel as part of your job, expensing things back to your company can be tricky. Encyclopedia of Business, 2nd ed. Restaurant v2 Business Plan: Business Plans - Volume

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