Being a professional teacher

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Being a professional teacher

It may seem easy to study at a university and prepare yourself to be a teacherbut when it is the time t practice it may not look as easy as it was expected. There are some important things you should keep as a good teacher. I am going to mention here the most important ones I have experienced through my work period.

Well, the most thing you should have to be a successful teacher is to know your students and their needs well.

Being a professional teacher

Classesespecially at universitiesare heterogeneous ,i. It is very important to know your students before starting work. If you teach grammar and structurefor example, ask your students to write a short paragraph about themselves.

You can collect their work and check it later. Their work will tell you their background and knowledge of grammar rules and sentence structure.

So, getting an idea about the entire needs of your students is the most important factor in being a professional teacher. Along withprofessional teachers are always patient and organized.

So, to move one stair upwards success, plan everything before you go to class. Set all things according to a logical order and introduce your lesson step by step taking into consideration your students learning strategies.

Besides, a successful teacher shows an interest in the subject as well as the students. So, be patient with and show a great interest in your students. Further more, professional teachers enjoy their job and vary their roles in the class.

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You may want to be the person who provides the students informationbut besides being information delivereryou can be a close friend of thema parenta promoter….

You can enjoy and vary your role in the class in a way that interests bothyour students and you. You never can better when you enjoy your job. Creating a relaxed environment helps you successfully cover a great amount of the content. Besides,you will realize better participation of your students with time and therefore learning will happen.

One thing more, students have different learning strategiesso successful and professional teachers vary their teaching techniques.

Using the same method every time does not help reaching the goal. Some of your students can not react to a specific method but they can do much better with another one. From the other handthe used method can be suitable for a specific content of a lesson but not for another one. Using the GTM or Direct methodfor example, can be good in a lesson but not in another.

Some students may react to TPR while others may not show clear reaction or great interest in the method. Choosing good activities or practice tasks is another factor here. Think carefully how you can assess your students new language and set the best activity for that. You can use pair or group work one timeand oral discussion other timeand many more activities.

To sum up, being a good and successful teacher is not a talentbut a skill you learn and acquire through time. The list bellow shows the most important features of professional teachers:Being a teacher is a lot of hard work, more than I’d ever imagine.

Being a professional teacher

When I went to Kennington Church of England Junior School it was exciting, yet so tiring When I went to Kennington Church of England Junior School it was exciting, yet so tiring Teacher education or teacher training refers to the policies, procedures, and provision designed to equip (prospective) teachers with the knowledge, attitudes, behaviors, and skills they require to perform their tasks effectively in the classroom, school, and wider professionals who engage in this activity are called teacher educators (or, in some contexts, teacher trainers).

Being a Professional Teacher “Education is a powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” –Nelson Mandela- The term education above is having so powerful role for human’s life described by Nelson Mandela, President of South  · This video forms part of Saide's Education Series Being a Teacher module.

There is reflection on the doubts and concerns that were discussed in Part One of the video; then professionalism in the health sector compared to teaching is Classroom Management Skills. Everyone has been in a classroom where the teacher wasn't able to hold the attention of the students.

The result was that students spent time bothering one another, talking out of turn, writing notes and doing other things that had nothing to do with the subject being  · The Pros and Cons of Being a Teacher.

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more. Professional development training days. These can be great if they are applicable to what you teach. On the other hand, they're not always relevant. For example, I've sat through a training on foreign language in elementary school, and to this day I can't

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