Assess how the language of teenagers has changed over time essay


Assess how the language of teenagers has changed over time essay

In studying two separate films from two separate time frames, I have found that they depict teens in many different ways, although the root of their problems, values and attitudes are very much the same.

This essay will explore and discuss these changes in representation, and will strive to discover the core reasons for this development. Paragraph one will address how teenagers are represented today, and how they were in the past.

Paragraph two will explore the reasons behind the differences in portrayal, and paragraph three will decide on whether or not this is a realistic representation of teenagers in society. Throughout the years, the ways teenagers have been depicted have changed ramatically in some areas, while staying completely the same in others.

An example of this is the values of the teenagers in the two movies I have viewed. In To Sir with Love, the teenagers were valued relationships and being disrespectful, whereas in Freedom Writers, the teens valued respect and acceptance, but on the flip side, both movies represent the teenagers as rebellious, loud, hostile to those not of their social group, or those they do not accept, who are in search of an identity.

These values and attitudes stem from broken homes and violence in both movies, as well as the want, nd in some cases need, for respect.

No matter what decade you look at, you will find that this is a common basis of problems in the bulk of teenagers. In both movies, and many others beside, you will find that a majority of the teens have a problem with authority, and seek to disobey all powerful fgures at any possible time.

Sometimes its fairly obvious, an example being To Sir With Love, where the antagonist is clearly Denham one of the studentsbut other imes it is not, an example being Freedom Writers, where there are certain students who make more trouble, but no defined antagonist.

What changes has the English language seen? Female teenagers are no longer considered educationally subnormal when compared to men like they were years ago, which is one problem that no longer exists, but now young women are under tremendous pressure to have sex without the prerequisite of a meaningful relationship.
Access denied | used Cloudflare to restrict access The English language is no different — but why has it changed over the decades?
Language change in spoken English English language is changing faster than ever, research reveals Including new forms of social media terms which older Britons do not understand Photo: Alamy By Agency 6:
Influenced by others Activities Changing Voices All languages change over time, and vary from place to place.
The Dystopian Trend in Young Adult Literature | Teen Ink Referring to both texts in detail, explore how language has changed over time? Comparing the texts helps show the changing English language in a short period of time, with the main reason being technological and educational advances.

As you can see, over time values and attitudes may change, but the core root of where these problems have stemmed from does not. The main reason as to why the representation of teenagers has changed over time is because tha values and acceptances of the audience have changed dramatically.

The media has to release entertainment suitable and appealing for its audience, otherwise it would receive no money because nobody is watching it. This means that Hollywood, and other people who make movies, must shape the content of their films as the values and interests of its viewers changes, so that it keeps the audience I have viewed are so different, is because the values and attitudes of the people in the decades they were released in were so different.

This is but one example of the many differences in the representation of teenagers in movies. In my opinion, the way teenagers are depicted in the film world can be both realistic and unrealistic.

Also, in To Sir With Love, it is very unrealistic that none of the kids swear, because the children of London would have sworn all the time.

This also shows how the media shapes itself for the wants of its audience, as swearing on film was frowned upon. In conclusion, teenagers can be depicted in many different ways, as I have shown you n this essay, by use of examples, but the core root of their problems, as well as some values, attitudes and beliefs, tends to stay the same throughout the entire teenage history.

In this report I have; addressed how teenagers are represented today and how they were in the past, explored the reasons behind the differences in portrayal and decided on whether or not this is a realistic representation of teenagers in society, also giving direct examples from the two movies I have done a study on; Freedom Writers and To Sir With Love.The Problems Faced by Teenagers Teenagers face a number of problems these days, and just as our society has changed over time, so have the problems faced by teens.

Has parenting changed over recent decades? Can changes in parenting explain the rise in may also have changed at the same time.

To date, however, very little is of many of these behaviours also peaks in the teens, many are also common at much younger ages. In the psychiatric literature, conduct disorder is classified as a mental. The sounds of a language change over time, too.

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About years ago, English began to undergo a major change in the way its vowels were pronounced. Before that, geese would have rhymed with today's pronunciation of face, while mice would have rhymed with today's peace.

Over the last twenty years, Young Adult (YA) Dystopia has become one of the most popular teenage genres. This sudden rise in YA Dystopian literature has gained as much criticism as praise.

After all, they are passed down through the generations reliably enough for parents and children to communicate with each other.

Assess how the language of teenagers has changed over time essay

Yet linguists find that all languages change over time—albeit at different rates. For example, while Japanese has changed relatively little over 1, years, English evolved rapidly in just a few centuries.

Assess how the language of teenagers has changed over time essay

Is English changing? The Linguistic Society of Americawas founded that occur in language begin with teens and young adults: As young people interact with others their own age, their language grows to include words, phrases, Finally, the sounds of a language change over time, too.

How the English language has changed over the decades