6 1 collate information about an individuals communication and the support provided

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6 1 collate information about an individuals communication and the support provided

Information technology is the technology used to store, manipulate, distribute or create information.

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The type of information or data is not important to this definition. The technology is any mechanism capable of processing this data [1].

As it is widely known to perform a calculation of any type manually is very cumbersome and time consuming. But if we could develop efficient programs written in many languages and get them thoroughly tested for every function it is expected to perform before putting to use could save lot of efforts and time.

Also the chance of human errors that could occur when things are done manually could also be avoided provided the programs are developed keeping in mind the exact requirements that are sought after and developed properly to address the issues correctly without problems.

Information technology works based on these simple concepts. Electronic databases now can store huge volume of data which can be used very easily and internet can be accessed for any information on any field of activities.

Section one gives an introduction of the area. Section two presents the analyses of works done in the field. Section three presents the impacts of Information Technology on society so far and where it is heading to in future.

We put our concluding remarks in section four. Analyses of Works Done The influence of information technology on religious practices has mainly been to the effect of making information about them more accessible. The most relevant question though is whether the developments in information technologies have influenced the continuity of social attitudes, customs or institutions.

Social attitudes have changed with the effect that citizens of a society now expect the various elements of that society to be better informed than previously. They also expect to be able to access more information about a specific product, service or organisation so that they can make informed decisions with regard to their interactions with that entity [1].

Advances in Database technology for example have enabled the governments of various countries to collate and monitor statistical information that they can use to combat fraud and manage the economy in a more informed way [1]. Information Technology also has a major impact on the defence capabilities of governments.

Encryption of sensitive information has enabled governments to obtain added security. However attempting to decrypt information is also a major area of work for those employed by the government [1]. The advances in information technology have heavily influenced commercial businesses in several ways.

The most important role of information technology in a commercial business, however, is to provide a commercial advantage. Advances such as computer aided design, relational database technologies, spreadsheets, and word processing software all provide a commercial benefit to the business, as does automation of manufacturing processes [1].

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The use of information technology to monitor a business performance can also enable the business to highlight areas where they are not making the most use of their resources. The use of information technologies can also increase the businesses income through advertising in the various available forums [1].

6 1 collate information about an individuals communication and the support provided

An infrastructure of computing and communication technology, providing hour access at low cost to almost any kind of price and product information desired by buyers, will reduce the information barriers to efficient market operation. This infrastructure might also provide the means for effecting real-time transactions and make intermediaries such as sales clerks, stock brokers and travel agents, whose function is to provide an essential information link between buyers and sellers redundant [2].

The information technologies have facilitated the evolution of enhanced mail order retailing, in which goods can be ordered quickly by using telephones or computer networks and then dispatched by suppliers through integrated transport companies that rely extensively on computers and communication technologies to control their operations [2].

The impact of information technology on the firms' cost structure can be best illustrated on the electronic commerce example. The key areas of cost reduction when carrying out a sale via electronic commerce rather than in a traditional store involve physical establishment, order placement and execution, customer support, staffing, inventory carrying, and distribution.

Although setting up and maintaining an e-commerce web site might be expensive, it is certainly less expensive to maintain such a storefront than a physical one because it is always open, can be accessed by millions around the globe, and has few variable costs, so that it can scale up to meet the demand.How to Support an Individual with Specific Communicational Needs Essay Sample The Role of Communication in People’s Lives.

Under the notion of communication, we understand the interchange of info between individuals. The police are the lead agency for collision investigation, and have the primary duty to investigate and establish the circumstances that have led to road deaths and life changing injuries.

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6 1 collate information about an individuals communication and the support provided

How do you collate This standard covers collating and information about an communicating health information to individual’s individuals, their family or significant others in communication and response to queries or as part of health the support provided?

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